Heart In Hand und Polar. im Interview!

Letzten Mittwoch waren Faraz und ich bei der Heart In Hand / Polar. Show im Kulturkeller Gleisdorf. Eigentlich hatten wir nur ein kleines Review geplant, aber dann bot sich die Möglichkeit für ein Interview. Komplett spontan und unvorbereitet, aber die Chance kann man sich ja fast nicht entgehen lassen. Hier also ein kleiner Einblick ins Tour-Leben, die Trinkgewohnheiten und die Bromance von Woody (Adam Woodford, Sänger bei Polar.) und Charlie (Sänger bei Heart In Hand).

Music-news.at: First of all, thank you for your time and to start it off, just tell me – what do you think about the hardcore community here?

Charlie: It’s much stronger than in the UK, here in Europe people don’t care about thinking they’re cool because they like hardcore, people just come to shows ‘cause they like hardcore. No matter what sort of band you are, no matter what genre, people just enjoy it. They come out and have a good time.

Woody: People ease their minds, enjoy it, we enjoy it more and shows are just fun.

Music-news.at: How long have you been on this tour for?

Woody: Not long, six days I think. And play two more shows in Italy, then we split up – Heart In Hand go to Germany and we go to France. It’s sad to split up, it should’ve been longer! (laughs)

Music-news.at: So you guys get along well on the road?

Charlie: Well, we started a little while before Polar. did, we kind of took them under our wings and took them on tour, and since then we’ve done a couple of tours. Even off tour we try and see each other, if we can but it’s hard. We have a couple of drinks down at the local pub (laughs).

Music-news.at: Has anything crazy happened on this tour so far?

Charlie: Well, on this tour the vocalist from Nasty got arrested at Summerblast, that was pretty crazy. But they’re a great band, great guys!

Woody: Maybe there’ll be some craziness in Italy, there’s a habit of Italy being a bit mental.

Charlie: Yeah, lots of cuts, gashes and lots of vodka. I don’t tour without vodka.

Music-news.at: Who of you drinks the most?

Charlie: It’s a competition between me and Woody, we try and outdo each other every night!

Music-news.at: Who’s the first one to get wasted?

Charlie: Well, we’re headlining this tour so I start drinking earlier (laughs). But Woody’s on the floor more… And I’m usually on his back. He punched me in the face the other night and he doesn’t even remember – I had a bruised lip for a few days. It’s fine though, we’re in love.

Music-news.at: That’s a really random question but we tend to ask it a lot – do you prefer to wear merch or streetwear?

Charlie: Look at me, I look like a tramp! We both do, actually. Woody looks like he’s from Tony Hawks and I look like I just walked off the street. I don’t really wear merch.

Music-news.at: (To Charlie) I just saw you had a lot of tattoos, do you have a special/favourite tattoo artist?

Charlie: The go-to guy? Recently yeah, but I have a few. It depends on where I am in the country at the time. I have some in Glasgow, Berlin, Southhampton.. I got a tattoo on this tour, in Berlin, the artist is called Saskia. I don’t know her surname because it’s weird and foreign (laughs).

Music-news.at: (To Charlie) So, about the heart on your face. What does it mean to you?

Charlie: Well, it means a cover up (laughs). It was a tear and people kept asking if I killed someone. That’s not really the sort of vibe you want when you go to a club.

Music-news.at: On tour, do you usually stay in hotels, or at people’s places? Or do you sleep in the van?

Charlie: Polar stay at people’s places, we stay at hotels ‘cause we’re a lot bigger than them (everybody laughs).

Music-news.at: What was your favourite place to play on this tour so far?

Woody: Summerblast Festival in Trier, definitely.

Music-news.at: Do you usually watch the support bands?

Woody: Yeah, we tend to, not all of their sets, but we do check them out. We like to have a look and see what’s going on.

Thanks again to Woody and Charlie for taking the time to do the interview, we had a blast! We hope to see you again soon.

Foto: Faraz Baradaran Leilabadi

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