Wir hatten beim FM4 Geburtstagsfest die Möglichkeit mit Schlagzeuger Tucan, Background Sänger Soul und Frontfrau Orono der Band Superorgansim über ihr neues Album, ihren Erfolg und das gemeinsame Zusammenleben in einer riesigen WG zu sprechen.

Nach dem ihr Song „Something for your M.I.N.D.“ 2017 im Internet landete, ging die Karriere der achtköpfigen Gruppe Superorganism steil nach oben. Die Band besteht aus jungen kreativen Menschen die aus aller Welt stammen und sich teilweise über das Internet gefunden haben. Mittlerweile leben sie alle in London, sieben davon zusammen in einem Haus.
Ihr Debütalbum „Superorganism“ erscheint am 2. März 2018 bei Domino Records. Ihre Tour macht Halt in Europa, den USA sowie in Japan. Alle Infos dazu findet ihr auf der Homepage der Band.

music-news.atHow did you all meet?
Tucan:So we got members from Japan, Australia, New Zealend, the UK and we mainly met on internet platforms for the period of around ten years. We slowly added more and more members and we met Orono a couple of years ago in Japan when we were touring with our band (The Eversons) and stayed in touch afterwards.

music-news.at:You’re living together in a house in London, how is that for you?
Soul:I live just down the road as I moved to the UK later and because the house was full. I mean there is the basement, but it’s really dark and damp. But I heard the house it’s quite crowded anyways. (laughs)
Orono:It’s crazy.
Tucan:Well we don’t have a living room, so the kitchen is our hangout-room where we all meet. We are listening to music, coming up with ideas, doing the washing, cooking, it all happens at the same time. Maybe it’s not as magical as people think. (laughs)

music-news.at:How does living together affect your creative process?
Orono:I think it’s where most of our ideas are born. We hear cool new music and try to inspire each other that way and try to make cool stuff ourselves.

music-news.at:Are you doing other projects aswell or is your focus on Superorganism?
Tucan:This is entirely our focus.
Orono: Yeah because we are so interested in a multitude of things. For example I do all the artwork and the lyrics. And I did some promotional material aswell. Robert does the videos, we put the live show together ourselves.
Tucan:We also did fanfiction videos. So we are interested in all kind of multimedia and see what we can do with it.

music-news.at:It all started with „Something for your M.I.N.D.“ a year ago, right?
Tucan:Yes we uploaded it around January last year and then we had to take it down again. But we were able to upload it again without changing anything.
Soul:That kind of added to a mystique around the band. We were playing hard to get.
Tucan:Yeah if you give people something and then just take it away from them.
Orono: Some people thought it was a publicity stunt, we were just kind of dumb.

music-news.at:First you hid your personalities for quite a bit, what was the reason for that?
Orono:Because we didn’t know who we were and what we wanted to do. It was just a fun afterschool project with friends and we thought it would be great to have 200 listens on Soundcloud. But then someone posted it on Indie Shuffle.
Soul:God bless Indie Shuffle. (laughs)
Tucan:It was just kind of eight friends doing a project, we didn’t intend to be a band as such, we only had the name. We just wanted do something really cool, that was our plan.

music-news.at:Your debut album has a wale on its cover and it shows up in your music videos as well. What meaning does it have?
Orono:We have Facebook and WhatsApp groups and we share cool stuff there. We are all kind of weirdly drawn to it.
Soul:And I think Robert used it first in the „Something for your M.I.N.D.“- video. I mean a wale is the ultimate superorganism of the world. It eats other animals and plants and when it dies, it sinks down to the ground again. As well as our logo, the wale is a very strong image.

music-news.at:Orono, did you do the artwork for the album cover too? It looks great.

Orono:Thank you. Yes I did it for an artclass assignment. I drew it before the band evenstarted.
Tucan:Did you really? Oh I learned something new in this interview too. (laughs)
Orono:The technique was called scratching and I did it for the purpose of the assignment only. But I thought it would be interesting now as the cover.
Soul:There will be limited glow in the dark albums. Some covers will glow in the dark and I thin some of the actual records as well.

music-news.at:How are you feeling before the release?
Orono:It’s my mom’s birthday so I don’t have to get her anything, that’s great.
Tucan:Domino releasing it is an honor and we are very excited about it.
Soul:Just to see the Domino logo is incredible.
Orono:It’s such a good logo. (laughs)

music-news.at:Can you tell us any crazy story that happened on tour or backstage?
Soul:Ther are a couple of us that like to got out for a few drinks after the show.
Tucan:Not too crazy though, we are very tamed. Oh but Soul accidentily  flooded a hotel room one time.
Soul:I am sleep walking some times and at that night I turned on the bidet in the room and there was no drain. So I flooded the whole room and woke up squating the water. It’s probably a thing when I had a few drinks.
Orono:And it was a really nice room too.
Tucan:We were sharing a room. Luckily it didn’t reach my phone and stuff, but all my clothes were soaked. We only stayed there for two days so I didn’t bring much.
Soul:He had to borrow my jeans which were way to big  and he needed to use a scarf as a belt.
Tucan:I learned my lesson. I’m not leaving any bags on the floor anymore, I usually try to hang them up somewhere.
Soul:I try to keep it down a bit in 2018. Party less hard and work harder. (laughs)
Tucan:You know you’re in a brewery, right? (laughs)

music-news.at:Thank you for your time, it was great talking to you and we’re looking forward to see your show and to your new album.

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