Vokadin is a Danish punk rock band formed in 2010. In 2011 they released their first EP “Vokadin” on their own label “Against Your Record”. It received a lot of positive critique in Europe and North America. Vokadin is currently making waves with their first full-length album „My Fix Before Yours“, which was also released on “Against Your Record” (2013).

Some critiques call Vokadin “the new Nirvana”, but we think “Nirvana gone crazy” would be a better fit. The sound is dirty, powerful and to some degree quite insane. “The most hard-hitting band in Northern Europe” is maybe one of the best description for these guys.

The first lick of noise (“Wild Youth”) already sets what to expect in the next half an hour – intense punk rock at it’s best. Nearly on every track, Vokadin bends everything toward the breaking point. The song “Koke”, for example, is the shortest track on the album, but definitely the most energetic one. For the whole length of 1:55 you feel like standing at the edge of a clip, feeling like falling down any moment. After a short recorvery during “My Fix Before Yours”, Vokadin hits you straight in the face – “Sirene” combines a lot of screaming, noisy guitars and a massive power-package.

Side B begins with the darkest songs of the album: “Keep your eyes in the basement where you kept your memories”; “It takes some more shit to get thru this shit”; “It’s my inside ride, yeah” – “Inside Ride” carries you away to the darkest parts of your inner-self. While listening to the song “Crack Cake”, you know straight away what influenced this song. In “Red.Hot.Rehab”, frontman Mads Aarby shows once again, what a powerful, energetic and edgy voice he has.

“My Fix Before Yours” is one crazy powerful album! Everyone who claims to be a punk rock fan has to have the album in the record collection!

The selfproduced Album “My Fix Before Yours” was recorded in only 5 days. It is a fusion of partying, alcohol and drugs. The overall statement of the album may be considered as some kind of critique to the selfish behavior of the normal society, living destructively and eating up each other.
The album is only available on vinyl and limited to 500 copies. Listening to the album on YouTube is nice, but that is nothing compared to the experience you get when listening to it on an actual record player.

Vokadin are known for their crazy live performances, which most of the time end up in destructing the whole location. In a few weeks they start their tour across Asia, where they will be playing for about one and a half month. We really hope to see these guys playing in Austria one day!

For further information check out www.music-news.at

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